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Sample Contract

This is to give you an idea of the Counselling agreement. We call it a Contract because it includes details of payment and GDPR (information) responsibilites.



Counselling Contract

This agreement is between the Client, _________ and Josephine Kerr, the Therapist who, being a registered member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) adheres to the BACP Ethical Guidelines.



The BACP definition of counselling/ psychotherapy states that “Counselling and psychotherapy are umbrella terms that cover a range of talking therapies. They are delivered by trained practitioners who work with people over a short or long term to help them bring about effective change and/or enhance their wellbeing” (BACP Information Sheet C3 2017)


Counselling/ therapy is not about telling you what to do and any decisions you make will be of your own choice and you agree that the Therapist cannot be held responsible for your decisions and actions.



Counselling is confidential and what you say in sessions will not be shared with anyone without the Client’s permission or in the exceptional circumstances listed below. There are certain circumstances when the Therapist will have to share information the Client has disclosed. Whenever possible the Therapist will endeavour to discuss this with the Client first.

These occasions include:

  • If the Therapist believes there is a risk of harm to you, the Client or to anyone else.

  • If you, the Client disclose information about acts of terrorism or money laundering.

  • If the Therapist is ordered to disclose information by a court of law.

In this instance the Therapist will obtain advice from the legal team at Howden’s Insurance and keep you as informed as possible.


Length and Frequency of Sessions

Sessions are 50 minutes, and it is recommended that sessions are weekly, but fortnightly sessions can be arranged. It is advised that shorter courses continue for at least six to ten sessions, but you are under no obligation. Therapy will be kept under continual review and either the Client or Therapist can suggest a review at any point.


Fees, Payment and Cancellations

All monies are due before the session and are payable in advance by BACs transfer* (see payment details below)

The standard rate is £55 per session.

Occasionally I will need to increase fees to meet rising costs. I will give a month’s notice of this.

Late or non-payment of fees may result in the suspension and possibly the ending of therapy.


If you are late for your session you will be able to continue up to the end of the pre-arranged 50 minute slot.

If either Client or Therapist cannot attend a session, they will let the other know as soon as possible and an alternative date/ time will be arranged.

In the case of Client non-attendance the Therapist will endeavour to contact the Client to check the client is safe, this is usually by text, occasionally by phone.

If the Client cancels with less than 24 hours’ notice or does not attend, the full hourly rate is payable, in addition to the fee for a rearranged session.


* Bacs Transfer details

Sort Code: 

Account Number: 


Getting the most out of Therapy

While talking about personal issues has the potential to relieve distress, increase self-awareness and improve quality of life, it can be difficult at times, can be uncomfortable, and things can sometimes feel worse before they feel better. Ultimately, sticking with therapy, maintaining regular sessions, and engaging in the work can be hugely rewarding and helpful.

Sometimes the Therapist will suggest tasks to complete or strategies to practise. You are under no obligation to do these, but they are suggested in order to help. It is your responsibility to work towards your own progress, healing and growth.


Data Protection and Storing of information

Contact details, personal information and brief notes are kept in a locked filing cabinet and in line with GDPR. Any data held electronically is password protected. You may request to see any information held about you.


By completing and returning this contract I understand that you have read and accept the above information, and that you understand that this contract will be in place for the duration of the time we meet for counselling.

Thank you, and I look forward to working with you.


I have read and understood the above information and I agree to work within the terms of this contract.


(Client) Signed: ……………………………… Date: …………………


             Print Name: _________________


(Therapist) Signed: ……………JCKerr………   Date: _____________               

                      Print Name: Josephine Kerr

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