Reduced Fees for New Clients, Including Exceptionally Low Fees For Students.

Reduced Cost Counselling Fee: £35

Special Further Reductions For University Students: £25

Available nationwide by phone or Zoom: Geography isn't an issue.

Everything's looking really difficult again.

More and more people are struggling with the prospect of tighter restrictions on life.

More and more people are looking for therapy and support but are finding waiting lists for GP referrals or at charity providers are just getting longer and longer.

To help more people access the help they need I have temporarily reduced my fees;

in effect offering the NHS concession to all new clients.

Things are very difficult for students too - especially those who have had their A Levels mucked about with, who now find themselves at Uni, in lockdown, with little or no information, fluctuating between bored and anxious.

University and college counselling services are stretched to their limits already and waiting lists are building.

So I have set an exceptionally low fee to encourage more uni students to access the support they need at what is a very strange and difficult time - especially if its the first time you're away from home.

I have no waiting list and am I'm here to help

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