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coaching or counselling?

Updated: Oct 13, 2021

If Counselling is a deep dive into the sea of emotion and experience then Coaching is a boat sailing across the surface - it is in contact with and interacts with emotion but is more direction focused.

You could also say that Coaching is a little bit like a submarine that can, if needed, dive into emotion when appropriate, for example to fully understand certain barriers and how to overcome them, but is still direction led and goal orientated and unlike most submarines, spends the vast part of its time on the surface, heading towards its destination.

A yacht-cum-submarine sounds like something James Bond might have!

And as your Coach I really am that adaptable; integrating approaches into our work together, all focused on helping you feel better, reach your goals and live more happily.

When you feel stuck or like life is passing you by, that you are directionless and not sure where life is taking you, Coaching could be the approach you are looking for.

I will help you clarify your thoughts,

get a new perspective on your life, work out why you feel stuck.

Coaching offers you Insight, Direction Empowerment and Balance.

It offers you the opportunity to find your way to live more happily.

To find out more, just click on "Coaching" in the menu bar above or call me to discuss your coaching needs.

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