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So it started with the tyre going flat...

There I was in a car park going nowhere, fast, just before Christmas - dark, raining a bucket and chilly. No, not chilly, cold.

The boot was full of Christmas shopping, tons of groceries and the breakdown truck's ETA was "up to two hours I'm afraid - we're a bit stretched right now, what with all the flooding"

I was just glad I hadn't bought all that ice-cream...

The nearby vets were lovely and allowed me to wait in their reception area, out of the cold.

Eventually the phone rang and I was told the company had no trucks of their own available - 'oh no!' - but had contracted a local firm to come and rescue me - 'oh good!'

An hour or so later and we're back home - me and my poorly car. The contractor was lovely, and took such care with my little motor, I was really impressed and very grateful.

But it was clear that I needed the wheel fixing properly and as my car was overdue for a service anyway I booked it in for the New Year...

“Maybe don't leave it so long next time”

The mechanics at the garage are great - always courteous, never condescending, always ready and willing to explain what's been done and why.

The car had needed a Full Service in the end - I could no longer get away with "yeah yeah yeah it'll be fine".

Not this time.

I had run it for far too long without paying proper attention to details of maintenance.

I'd had all the MOTs done, made sure I renewed the tyres before the tread wore thin - I had kept everything safe. But I'd stopped paying attention to the necessary details of what keeps a car fully functioning: spark plugs, oil, filters and the all the other esoteric and mysterious things that lie 'under the bonnet'.

My poor little car was functioning safely and was on the surface running OK.

But I had neglected to pay attention and my car wasn't OK.

But I'd rectified that now.

All in all, with the full service, new (quality) tyre, fitting, balancing and labour, the final bill came to £320.

Quite a hit in the pocket this time of year.

But once I got behind the wheel I realised it was worth it; I understood.

The engine was so much more responsive, running more smoothly, more quietly than it had done for a very long time.

I patted the wheel and whispered an apology to my little car.

An apology and a promise - that I will make sure I invest the time and money needed to make sure she's always running at her best.

Funny aren't they, priorities...

So it had cost £320 to get my car back to her best - not the same best as she was ten years ago, but definitely the best she can be now.

Would we ever consider spending so much on ourselves?

Getting ourselves back to the best we can be?

Therapy isn't just for times of distress.

It can help in maintaining balance, keeping us running at optimum, helping prevent breakdowns.

£320 is the cost of eight sessions of Counselling, Coaching or Personal Development at Space To Breathe.

How much more important than your car are you?

How much more worth the time and investment?

Call me. Let's talk.

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